F&E Water Tanks

GRP F & E Tanks from 10g

GRP Feed & Expansion Water Tanks

Here at Precolor Tank Division, we offer a range of different kinds of tanks and a bespoke service to our clients. In contrast with cold water storage tanks, a feed and expansion tank (or cistern) not only supplies the central heating circuit with water, but also accommodates the expansion of the water when heated by a boiler.

This type of water tank is usually located in the loft, or near the cold water storage tank. We supply our feed and expansion water tanks in GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic, otherwise known as fibreglass). It is lightweight, yet extremely strong and robust. As it is less stiff and brittle than carbon fibre, it makes it easier to form the tanks. Furthermore, these F&E tanks benefit from being chemical and corrosion resistant, as well as heat resistant and flexible.

Feed and expansion tanks can withstand temperature up to 120°c, providing a great alternative option to metal tanks made for this purpose. They are also encapsulated with CFC & HCFC insulation, so make great hot water tanks. Their surface is smooth and resistant to bacteria, so you can see there are a great many benefits to our GRP F&E water tanks.

Feed And Expansion Tanks

We stock various different sizes of these feed and expansion water tanks, starting at 10 gallons (45 litres). As well as provide our standard sizes as an F&E tank, we can also offer our bespoke services to cater to your specific requirements. Additionally, if you’re looking for a chemical storage solution, the properties of these tanks could also be a great choice for this purpose.

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Feed And Expansion Tanks