GRP One Piece Water Tanks

One Piece Grp Cold Water Storage Tank

Precolor's GRP One Piece Cold Water Storage Tanks have been specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of BS EN 13280 : 2001.

They are fully tested and approved for current water regulations, these water tanks have been specified throughout the UK by County and District Councils, Consulting Engineers and Architects.

They are light in weight, easily handled and resistant to corrosion and attack from bacteria which may normally be expected in cold water systems.

GRP is easily cut and drilled with ordinary plumbers tools. We can also manufacture standard specialist tanks for storing a wide range of chemicals.

Our Water Tanks can be manufactured in our standard grey colour or to a specfic RAL colour as per the customers requirements, popular options are British Racing Green and Blue.

One Piece Pre-Insulated GRP Water Storage Tank

Pre-Insulated GRP One Piece Water Tanks

Pre-insulated Water tanks protect contents from extremes of heat and cold, thereby reducing excessive tempurature fluctuations which increase the risk of bacteria growth.

To restrict microbiological growth the temperature in the water tank should be kept as low as possible and below 20 °C.

Insulation is available in either 25mm, 50mm, 75mm or 100mm expanded CFC free polyurethane foam encapsulated in both the lid and tank sides. Water Tanks supported on a flat base do not normally require insulation underneath.

Standard positioned pre-formed cutouts to accomodate tank connections and fittings are provided on all special and standard tanks. If required, we can position the cutouts to the customers specification.

These insulated water tanks can be situated inside or externally without the need for additional enclosures.

Large One Piece Water Tank with Ball Valve Housing

Precolor''s standard Rigid One Piece water tanks can be supplied in Metric and Imperial sizes from 10 - 11,250 Gallons or 45 - 90,000 Litres.
Special sizes and shapes including irregular shapes such as ''L'' shaped or tapered tanks and cisterns can also be manufactured to customers own requirements and specification.

Please see our Imperial and Metric Ranges or please contact our Sales Team for more information.

Precolor''s one piece water tanks are easily transportable to anywhere in mainland UK.

2x1x1m Pre-Insulated Water Tank

Typical insulation provisions on a 2*1*1m 25mm pre-insulated water storage tank.

2x1x1m Pre-Insulated GRP Water Storage Tank