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Plant Housing

Plant Tanks

Combined Housing Tank


A plant tank, otherwise known as a combined housing tank, puts together a water tank and pump housing into one unit.

This means that water is stored inside the tank, but it also has an integrated plant room to house the pumping equipment, they are the perfect solution to for a lack of space.

Pump Housing

Pump Housing

One side of the unit contains the water tank, which may can be made Cat 5 compliant with moulded Air gaps, if required. The second side contains the kiosk, manufactured from GRP with plywood backing board, and featuring lockable door handles, and louver vents. It can be made with either double or single doors, and you can rest assured that it is fully WRAS-approved.

Plant tanks are appropriate products for both internal and external applications. It’s possible to install additional insulation, which we supply as standard as anything up to 100mm of CFC and HCFC free insulation foam. 

Plant Tank

These units are perfect for circumstances where both a tank and plant room are necessary, such as more remote locations. They also have the added benefit of being relatively lightweight, making transport and lifting easier. They are available in most RAL colours, meaning you can match the unit to your colour scheme, or choose to blend it within the natural environment, so it is more discreet.

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