GRP Tank Housings

GRP Insulated Housing 2x2x2m

Precolor''s GRP Housings, Kiosks and Enclosures are designed to protect and insulate tanks, pipework, pumps, meters and associated equipment against the weather, accidental damage and vandalism. 

Our housings can be supplied in one piece or in sections for assembly on site.
Our housings are very versatile and can be sited on the ground, a flat roof or any other level and even surface as required.

They can also be manufactured plain or with encapsulated insulation.

Custom made to your particular requirements.

Louvered Vent

Available with any of the following features:-

  • Single or Double Doors
  • Locklable Handles
  • Louvered Vents
  • Plywood Internal Back Boards
  • Fire Retardant resin on application
  • Boltable down
  • Available in a variety of external colours
  • Smooth External Surface.
  • Custom made to any sizes.

Please contact our Sales Team for more information.

Green GRP Meter Housing

Meter Housing
Internal Dimensions: 1m x .5m x 1m (L/W/H)
British Racing Green in colour