What Makes GRP Water Tanks A Reliable Storage Solution?

GRP water tanks are a popular water storage solution for both household and commercial use and are now the leading choice of industry standard water containment currently on the market. So, whilst there are other storage options out there, GRP tanks are definitely one of the best and most reliable.

In case you’re still unsure as to whether GRP tanks are the right solution for you, here are just some of the reasons these water tanks make great storage solutions for all kinds of different materials.

They have a range of uses

As well holding water, GRP water tanks are also entirely suitable for a variety of other storage solutions. This includes the safe storage of chemicals in laboratories, as storage in the food and drinks and agricultural industries and for domestic use. Basically, GRP tanks can be used for anything that needs strong and dependable storage!

An affordable storage solution

GRP tanks are a very cost-effective storage solution for a variety of reasons. First of all, glass reinforced plastic is relatively cheap to produce, especially when compared to materials like steel and aluminium. As well as this, because they are so lightweight, GRP tanks do not require any heavy lifting equipment to be transported between locations. This makes the cost of both transporting and installing GRP tanks relatively straightforward and very affordable.

Very strong and durable

Glass reinforced plastic is a very durable and strong material that is resistant to both corrosion and to the bacteria that is usually found in cold water systems. It is UV protected, so can be positioned outdoors and be exposed to the sun without causing any damage to the material. This makes GRP tanks a great solution for those who need to store their materials outside, as they are virtually unaffected by even the most extreme weather conditions.

Low maintenance

Whilst materials such as steel and aluminium can rust or corrode over time, glass reinforced plastic usually lasts up to 25 years and is very low maintenance material. Combined with its durable properties, GRP tanks make a very dependable storage solution as well as a long-lasting investment.

Looking for GRP Water Tanks in your Area?

At Precolor, we supply a range of GRP tanks for our customers for very affordable prices. Fully tested and approved for current water regulations, our GRP tanks are also shipped in one piece so they arrive ready to use with no assembly required. Our GRP water tanks are available in a range of different colours to suit the preferences of our clients are even pre-insulated to protect their contents from being affected by extreme temperatures

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