Why You Shouldn’t Forget About Keraflo Valves

Why You Shouldn’t Forget About Keraflo Valves

Here at Precolor, we understand that boosting the performance of your water tank is easy with a few additional fittings. One such tank fitting that we offer is the Aylesbury range of Keraflo valves. This range of delayed action float valves, launched in 1987, pioneered the use of ceramic discs in valves to control the stored water level in cold water tanks.

We have previously written about this excellent, low-maintenance range of Keraflo valves, which is suitable for tanks both with and without raised float valve chambers. Each of these valves has its own unique qualities. Here’s a recap of the three types of Keraflo valves we have in stock:

K Type

The Aylesbury range’s ‘K’ type valve is a weighted key-shaped float which is appropriate for smaller water tanks without raised valve chambers. Able to be set in a number of positions on the float arm, the ‘K’ type is therefore able to activate at a pre-set difference in water level. This makes it a useful and quiet valve which is excellent at allowing water to flow fully and reducing dribble once the set level is reached.      

While the ‘K’ type valve is usually available in brass, this Keraflo valve is also available in stainless steel form. The corrosion-resistant properties of stainless steel make this variant perfect for use in aquatic environments, such as desalination plants or when handling salt water.

KAX Type

The Aylesbury ‘KAX’ type Keraflo valve operates in completely the same manner as the ‘K’ type valve. However, it benefits from a longer float arm with an extended drop. This makes it suitable for use in water tanks that have raised valve chambers.

The ‘KAX’ type float valves are at their best when fitted into the covers of tanks with a particular need for air gaps or where the tank needs to be filled to maximum capacity. The valve is primarily designed to be installed into a chamber or box in the cover of the tank.

KB Type

Keraflo’s ‘KB’ type float valve is the most versatile option available. As it requires no supporting structure, the ‘KB’ can be installed either directly into a tank or into a raised valve chamber. It also features a chain in place of a rigid float arm, allowing it to attain unlimited opening and closing water settings. This also allows for a considerable drop from the valve to the water level.

The ‘KB’ float valve’s flexibility allows it to reduce the risks associated with storing excess water. This makes it especially handy in situations where there are fluctuations in how much water is needed, such as due to seasonal reasons or when a building is likely to be unoccupied for a period of time.

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