Why Should You Choose a GRP Water Tank?

When you’re looking to decide on what kind of water tank is best for you, it is worth considering a GRP water tank. They offer superior quality when looking for industrial water storage tanks. The acronym stands for Glass-Reinforced Plastic, which is a material formed by reinforcing three-dimensionally meshed Duroplastic with glass fibres. The result is a substance that has the combined properties of steel and plastic, as it is perfect for harsh environments, yet ensures a high level of safety. They are square or rectangular and there are many benefits to picking this type of water tank.

Protects Against Corrosion

Usually, corrosion may occur in water tanks from a build-up of bacteria. However, in GRP water tanks they are fitted with either 25mm, 50mm, 75mm or 100mm insulation. The benefit of having this insulation fitted is that the contents are protected from either extreme of heat or cold. This reduces any excessive temperature fluctuations which may otherwise occur, and would normally increase the risk of bacteria. Additionally, less bacteria also means that the water tanks are considered odor-proof

Extremely Long-lasting

These water tanks are supplied as one piece, meaning from their shipment to their delivery, they are one whole product rather than into sections which you would need to connect together. The result is a water tank that is extremely durable, with no weaker parts, seals, or joins. Due to its durability it is able to last longer, making it a worthwhile investment.


The materials used for this type of water tank are CFC and HCFC free. This means that it is possible to recycle them in the future by melting them down and reforming. This ensures that there is a life beyond the use of these water tank, and you can know that it is not harming the environment. Especially considering the environmental benefits of using a water tank, we know that this is an important point for our customers.

Permanently Stable

Many are surprised about how lightweight the GRP tanks supplied are, meaning that they are easy to handle. Despite this, their material makes them strong and durable, ensuring that they are always able to remain stable and secure.


Our GRP water tanks are able to accommodate tank connections and fittings with our standard positioned pre-formed cut-outs. We are also able to make changes depending on your preferences to enable it to meet the required function. Special sizes might include an L-shaped tank, or a tapered tank or cistern, as well as any other particular specification. They are able to hold various sizes from 10 - 11,250 Gallons or 45 - 90,000 Litres.

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