What Do GRP Water Tanks Do and Who Are They For?

To start with, what exactly are GRP tanks?

A GRP tank is a water storage tank made from glass reinforced plastic. Glass reinforced plastic is a highly robust, lightweight and extremely strong material that can be easily moulded and formed into shapes. Because of its useful properties, GRP tanks are gradually replacing conventional water tanks as a more desirable solution for water storage.

GRP water tanks are also special in that they are resistant to corrosion and the development of bacteria unlike most conventional cold water systems. GRP has a design life of 25 years and unlike metal materials that will rust and corrode and need to be recoated and repainted, glass reinforced plastic requires little to no maintenance.

GRP tanks are lightweight, easy to handle and have a straightforward installation process. Because they are so lightweight, transportation costs are also greatly reduced when it comes to shipping GRP water tanks, as they can easily be manoeuvred from factory to site and do not require any heavy lifting equipment to load and unload. GRP water tanks are also suitable for both internal and external installation.

GRP water tanks can be bought pre-insulated, to protect their contents from extreme temperatures both hot and cold. This helps to reduce the excessive temperature fluctuations that encourages bacteria to grow.

Who are GRP water tanks for?

GRP water tanks are very adaptable in their uses and are suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial use. They are a great storage solution for holding rainwater, for agricultural uses, in the food and drinks industries as well as many other uses. GRP tanks can also be specially manufactured to hold a wide range of different chemicals, making them useful in industries that require the safe storage of chemicals such as in laboratories.

A quick summary!

  • GRP tanks are an affordable water storage solution that are long lasting and easy to maintain.
  • They can be used for all kinds of different applications such as for domestic, industrial and commercial uses as well as for holding chemicals.
  • They are generally preferred to conventional water storage solutions because they are corrosion and bacteria resistant.
  • They are accessible and easy to install.

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