The Different Uses for GRP Tanks

Glass Reinforced Plastic tanks (otherwise known as GRP tanks) offer flexible solutions that are designed to meet various domestic and industrial requirements. Let us examine a handful of the most common applications in greater detail.

Fire Sprinkler Tanks

Due to the fact that fire suppression systems must be present in many commercial properties, our fire sprinkler tanks can accommodate these discriminating needs. Different sizes (such as large capacity models) are available while we can also manufacture a system to exacting dimensions.

Dipping Tanks

There are many times when a certain object needs to be coated with a specific material. One example here can be a facility which produces metallic parts protected by a latex skin. Our dipping tanks are equipped with an open top for easy access and once again, a number of different sizes are available.

Christening Pools

Religious ceremonies will often employ christening pools. Our GRP tanks can be designed to accommodate a series of steps within their interior. This smooth surface also provides an extra level of safety for all parties involved.

Open Top Tanks

The two aforementioned products are examples of our open top tanks. While their dimensions are quite flexible, it should also be mentioned that a reinforced upper lip prevents the structure from bowing or deforming when water is present.

Chemical Tanks

Thanks to a sturdy construction and the use of proprietary materials, we are pleased to be able to offer a number of chemical tanks to be used within various industries. Our storage units can also withstand constant water temperatures of up to 100ºC. Please contact us to discuss your discrete requirements further.

Feed & Expansion Tanks

All of our feed & expansion tanks are constructed from a Grade B resin compound. This provides a lightweight, malleable and yet durable structure. These tanks can support mean temperatures of up to 70ºC. Low-concentration liquid compounds such as glycol may also be stored within these tanks.

Standard Tanks

Standard tanks are suitable for a wide variety of needs. Fashioned from our normal blend of resin, they can withstand temperatures as high as 40ºC. Please note that these are not intended to be used to store chemical solutions.

Rainwater Storage Tanks

One of our specialities is the ability to supply quality rainwater storage tanks for both domestic and commercial uses. Both above- and below-ground models are available. Please note that every tank needs to be placed upon a flat and firm foundation. A handful of benefits that are associated with these tanks can include:

  • An internal lining that will discourage many forms of bacterial growth.
  • Insulated materials that are resistant to the ultraviolet rays of the sun.
  • A removable lid that can be securely fastened with bolts.
  • We supply a variety of capacities to suit numerous needs.
  • Multiple colours are available upon request.

These tanks are also excellent choices for those who wish to embrace a more environmentally friendly approach.

Water and Chemical tanks

This is a rather broad category and therefore, the exact specifications of our tanks will depend upon the unique qualities of the liquids themselves. Our water and chemical tanks can be manufactured from three different types of resin.

These are some of the standard uses for the variety of GRP tanks that we are proud to offer. They are constructed from quality materials and built to last. To learn more about our capabilities, please do not hesitate to speak with one of our representatives at your convenience.