Five Facts About GRP Water Tanks

Five Facts About GRP Water Tanks

Here at Precolor Tank Division, we specialise in offering our customers water tanks made of glass-reinforced plastic (GRP). GRP is a composite material made of plastic reinforced by glass fibres. One of the advantages of GRP is that it is lightweight, as well as being water and corrosion-resistant material; making it ideal for tanks.

There are many other reasons why GRP products are worth your consideration. Here’s five other reasons why you should be interested in our range of GRP products:

Designed to meet stringent regulations

Our GRP one-piece water tanks are specifically designed to meet stringent water regulations, guaranteeing that they are fully equipped to fulfil their purpose. This mark of quality has led GRP water tanks to be used by a wide variety of clients including county and district councils, consulting engineers and architects.

Suitable for various applications

Another reason we recommend GRP tanks is due to their flexibility. We can manufacture GRP tanks made from three different resins, depending on our clients’ needs. While our standard water tanks are suitable for constant water temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius, our feed and expansion tanks can handle water up to 70 degrees while our chemical tanks can handle water up to boiling point.

True to their name, specialist chemical tanks are most adept at handling chemicals at varying concentrations. We can also provide rainwater and open tanks.

Available in numerous sizes and shapes

GRP tanks are useful for not being in a standardised size. Our range of water tanks varies from as small as 45 litres right up to 97,500 Litres. No matter how much storage you need, there will be the right GRP tank for you. It is also possible to cut GRP tanks into irregular shapes such as L shapes, making them easy to fit into unusual spaces.

Can be pre-insulated

It is often vital to protect water tanks from heat and cold damage. This is because excessive temperature changes can lead to ruinous bacterial growth in the tank. GRP tanks can easily be pre-insulated against damage using polyurethane insulation foam on the lid and sides of the tank. The thickness of the foam can be varied depending on the amount of protection required.

Can be provided with covering and housing

Sometimes insulation may not be enough to protect a GRP water tank and its pipework from weather, vandalism or accidental damage. Handily, GRP tanks can be covered with self-supporting and centrally supported covers and housing. Features we can provide for these housing include single or double doors, lockable handles, fire retardant resin and a variety of external colours.

Contact us!

Here at Precolor, we are proud to offer the largest range of GRP water tanks in the United Kingdom and are delighted to custom make tanks to your individual requirements. If you are interested in any of our GRP tanks and associated products, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact page. We’d be delighted to provide you with the right solution.