The different water tank fittings offered by Precolor

Here at Precolor, we offer a number of different high quality fittings for your water tank. So that you can navigate our extensive range with the utmost ease, here we give you the lowdown on the various tank fittings that we provide.

Control switches

These water tank fittings are vital if you want to be able to both monitor and control the level of fluid in your tank. These handy switches are adjustable, so that they can be placed at an appropriate level. Moreover, you can integrate them with your overall water tank system to perform a number of convenient tasks. For instance, you could ensure that an alert is activated when the water in your tank rises above or sinks below a certain level. Or, you could arrange things so that your tank is automatically refilled whenever necessary - all down to our useful little control switches.

Stub flanges

These accessories are important for keeping your tank as strong as it can be whilst you fill it up and then empty it. Our stub flanges come in a great array of different sizes, so you will have no problem finding one that perfectly suits our tank. The size range runs from 1" right up to 12". It is a good idea to have a stock of these little tank fittings ready to hand so that you can replace them straight away as and when is necessary. Our flanges come in the form of a durable PVC pipe that is equipped with a galvanised backing ring to ensure that the flange will stay firmly in place.


We stock a great selection of Aylesbury Keraflo Valves (also known as 'K Type valves'). These represent the next generation of water float technology. Whilst a traditional ball valve is associated with several different complications, including valve bounce and water hammer, the K Type valve is a stable, secure and highly effective new type of valve. Try it today and see how much quieter and more accurate your water monitoring becomes!

Equilibrium ball valves

If you must have a ball valve, then we definitely recommend this equilibrium item. Equipped with a drop arm, copper float and threaded tank connector, these products can also be used to maintain an air gap wherever this is necessary. Durable, crafted so that they have the perfect dynamic shape, and very easy to use, equilibrium ball valves are great water tank fittings for anyone who uses our water tanks.

Brass Essex connectors

Another small but essential item for keeping your water tank running as smoothly as can be. Our Brass Essex connectors are very strong and robust and come in a variety of sizes. You will have no trouble finding the one that suits you best. Again, it is a good idea to have a few replacement connectors available to hand in case you need to replace any of the connectors on your water tank quickly and easily.