5 Important Storage Tanks for Your Business

Precolor Tank are a leading expert in the water and chemical storage industry, with 40 years’ experience. We not only serve the water sector, but supply high quality tanks to numerous other industries. Our expertise means that we not only sell storage facilities, we also design and manufacture. How do you know that you will receive the highest quality materials available? For 15 consecutive years, we have achieved the ISO 9001:2008 (prestigious quality management) certification, from the world respected Bureau Veritas. This proves our commitment to excellence. Here are 5 important storage tank designs that could really benefit you:

  1. Potable Water Tanks

Who doesn’t need access to clean drinking water, also known as potable water? It is an absolute essential for life. A huge variety of businesses and residential properties make good use of potable water tanks, to serve its occupants, including clean, safe drinking water. We provide these storage units in many different styles, capacities and thicknesses, depending on the specification that you require. Our water tanks range from 45 litres, to an impressive 97,500 litres capacity. You let us know exactly what you need and we can design and manufacture your tank, to your exact requirements. We also offer a wide range of water storage fittings, including float valves, ball valves, overflow kits and so on.

  1. Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Imagine if you had the ability to produce free water for yourself and your business? Think of the amount of money that you could save! Our rainwater harvesting systems can make good use of rainfall, effectively capturing and storing ‘free water,’ for your needs. Most buildings have large roof surface areas, which displaces large amounts of water. Why not control this freshwater and collect it efficiently, in one of our bespoke, rainwater storage tanks? This system allows you to utilise the earth’s natural resources, benefit your business, and save you money in the long run.

  1. Chemicals Tanks

Chemical substances need to be stored correctly, in line with health and safety, and environmental laws. Regardless of your chemical product, we can provide you a custom-built chemical storage system. Many hazardous and highly toxic chemicals are corrosive. The high quality materials that we use, are able to withstand the destructive effects of harmful products and safely store your substances.

  1. Sludge and Slurry Storage Tank

Do you produce industrial or agricultural waste, from your business activities? We design and manufacture sludge and slurry storage systems, of any specification, for you. Industry regulations specify acceptable ways to process and store sludge or slurry, and our tank products meet these requirements. As with other storage options, our systems come in a vast array of specifications, to suit your company’s needs.

  1. Greywater Systems

Does your organisation generate massive amounts of greywater? Generally speaking, greywater is much safer to process than blackwater, but it is still important to store it correctly. Our greywater storage tanks, once installed, can give you complete peace of mind, knowing that you meet industry regulations. Why not contact us today on our website?