Tank Accessories

25mm Encapsulated Insulation

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All of our tanks can be manufactured as Plain GRP or Pre-Insulated with 25, 50, 75 or 100mm encapsulated HCFC and CFC Free foam insulation.
See picture to the right with standard insulation provisions allowing a single skin wall to be easily drilled for fittings.

GRP Access Hatch

Access Hatches

Also known as Inspection Hatch(es) and Manway(s) our Standard Square GRP Hatches (Wingnut & Bolted) are available in the following sizes:-
(Pictured right)

  • 600mm Hole (700mm Overall)
  • Overall Height of Hatch : 100mm

Round Manway Hatch

Pictured on the right are our Round Black Plastic Hatches (Collar screwed down, Hatch screws into collar) are available in the following sizes:-

  • 400mm (450mm overall)
  • 570mm (620mm overall)
  • Overall Height of Hatch : 30mm

Ball Valve Housings / Chambers

Raised Ball Valve Housings

Bolted to the lid of the tank for increasing the capacity of the tank but also to provide Type AB Airgaps (when supplied with Screened Spillover Weirs). Available in matching colour to the tank, with either lid with wingnuts or Side access with wingnuts. These can also be provided separately to be bolted onto most existing lids.

Image 1

Drip Trays

Precolor''s GRP Driptrays are suitable for our standard sized tanks.

They can also be fabricated to suit any length or width requirements.

Pictured right is a 200 gallon tank with a Drip Tray.