Semi Sectional Tanks

Semi Sectional GRP Water Storage Tank

Semi-Sectional Water Storage Tanks (Two Piece Water Tanks) are 
often used as an alternative to the fully Sectional Water Tanks when access is limited.

They are specifically designed with only one horizontal joint to allow access through doorways which can often save the cost of expensive sectional installation as they can easily be installed by your own site engineers. 

Two Piece Semi Sectional GRP Water Tank split to go through doorway

Semi Sectional Water Tanks can be made to hold up to 10,000 ltrs and can be supplied either

Plain or Pre-Insulated.

Two Piece GRP Water Tank

Our Semi Sectional Water Storage Tanks can easily be passed through a doorway allowing them to be easily assembled by your own Site Engineers.

All of our Semi Sectional Water Storage Tanks come complete with nuts, bolts, washers and sealer.  

For instructions on how to install a Semi Sectional water tank click here. Semi Sectional Water Tanks are typically made up to 2.5m long, 2m wide and 1.5m high.

Semi Sectional (two piece) Water tank