Sectional Water Tanks

Sectional Tank Panels

Large Water Tanks

Sectional water tanks are used for the storage of large volumes of cold water and are suitable for both potable and non-potable use (whether it is safe to use as drinking water). The panels in sectional water tanks are made from the composite material GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic). This enables the tanks to be strong and solid.

This type of water storage tank is appropriate for use in hotels, schools, hospitals and more, both in UK and beyond. They can be used to replace a defective water tank without altering the building’s structure, or in areas where access is restricted. They are a more expensive alternative to one-piece tanks and semi-sectional tanks, so we would only recommend them if necessary.

GRP Sectional Tank

One Piece Tanks

At Precolor, we have three different kinds of sectional tanks available including EFB (Externally Flanged Base), IFB (Internally Flanged Base) and TIF (Totally Internally Flanged). The type you should get will depend on your site conditions and any access restrictions. The EFB tanks are designed to be installed on either dwarf walls or steel beams, IFB tanks installed on fully flat supporting bases, and TIF tanks have all flanges on the inside of the tank, so perfect for areas with extremely restricted access to space around the tank for assembly.

It is paramount that sectional cold-water storage tanks are only fitted by competent engineers, and at Precolor Tank Division, we can supply sectional tanks as a package, which includes the installation.

Prior to moving forward with the purchase and installation of your GRP sectional water tank, please review out Essential Information documentation, as well as our Base Construction Requirements. For further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by completing our contact form.