Screened Overflow Kits

Example of 50mm Screened Overflow Kit

Precolor supplies a full range of fittings all of which meet the requirements of the UK Water Regulations, formerly known as Byelaw 30, we are able in many cases, to bring existing tanks up to current water regulations.

Our screened overflow kits include:-

  • Screened Overflow fitting
  • Screened Warning Pipe
  • Screened Tank Vent

Precolor recommend the overflow to be a minimum of twice the size of the inlet into the tank.

Screened Overflow Kit

Screened Overflows

Sizes of kits available:- 

¾" 22mm
1½" 38mm
2" 50mm
2½" 67mm
3" 75mm

For larger sizes we have UPVC overflows available in:-

4", 6", 8" & 12"

We can also offer various sizes of Rodent Screens.

Please contact our Sales Team for more information.

Large tank Overflow sets & outlets