GRP Tank Housings

Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) is a composite material commonly known as fibreglass.  GRP is a composite made from resin and glass, which is light weight and extremely robust and can be easily moulded to shape.  GRP is strong in both tension and compression, therefore GRP is a very strong material for its weight, as the plastic outer structure orients the glass strands to best structural effect.  GRP has a long life expectancy which makes it particularly suitable in highly corrosive environments

At Precolor Tank Division we offer a range of GRP products alongside those made from a variety of other materials.  As market leaders in the manufacture and supply of water and chemical storage tanks, we are at the forefront of innovation and development in terms of design and materials technology.  We always choose the most suitable materials for each product, and we routinely advise our customers on the best choices for their projects.

It is easy to see the advantages of working in GRP when manufacturing tanks and tank housings.  Large tanks are very heavy when full of water or other liquids, so in certain circumstances – for example, a rooftop water tank - the overall weight of the installation can be reduced by making the tank from GRP.  The trade off is that GRP tanks must be supported across the whole of their base, ie. they cannot be mounted on rafters or cross members without additional support.  Every situation is different, and we examine each case carefully before advising our customers how to proceed.

We make GRP tanks to a range of specifications, including using three different resins depending on the substance which will be stored in the tank, fire sprinkler tanks, and open topped tanks.  Additionally, our one-piece steel tanks are GRP laminated to prevent corrosion and provide a hygienic and easy to clean interior.  Some specifications require encapsulated insulation corrosion resistant tanks, which are also made using GRP and are designed to keep water contaminant-free at all costs.

Besides the tanks themselves, we also use GRP to manufacture tank housings and covers.  A GRP housing can protect a Water tank from exposure to the weather and the corrosion which can inevitably results.  Some older types of tanks may have external pipework, pumps and meters, leaving them susceptible to accidents and vandalism.  Our sturdy GRP housings can be constructed to enclose not only the tank itself, but also all its peripherals too.  And since GRP is so easy to work with, each enclosure can be manufactured to fit into even the most awkward space.

In cases where a traditional plant room is difficult, GRP enclosures make for a simple cost effective solution.  Alternatively you could use one of our Plant tanks, this combines the water tank & plant housing into one neat unit.

Each of our GRP housings are manufactured to specification with a list of options including lockable door handles, louvered vents, door stays, plywood backboards and fire retardant resin in a range of external colours,.