A Wide Selection of Cold Water Storage Tanks

Has there ever been a time in history when we haven’t needed to store water? It is so essential to life that economists describe it as the most valuable commodity in the world. What is one of the most effective ways to store your water? By using Precolor cold water storage tanks. We offer a wide range of water tanks to suit you and we design and manufacture each tank to extremely high standards. What makes these high-quality products and what types of water storage tanks can we offer you?

High-Quality Water Storage Tanks

With over 40 years of experience, we hand produce every water tank, so you can be assured that they are high-quality products. How do these water storage tanks perform? They are resistant to corrosion and bacteria, which is good aesthetically and more importantly, this protects the quality of the water inside. Although we use tough, durable materials, they are lightweight and easy to handle and manoeuvre. What if you need to drill or cut these water storage tanks? No problem – you can easily do this with standard tools. As a premier manufacturer, we can offer you the widest range of water tanks anywhere in Britain. What styles and types of water storage tanks can you choose from?

One Piece Storage Tanks

Do you require one piece water tanks? We produce various types to suit your requirements. Take for example, the EXELL Water Tank. This huge one piece tank has a capacity of 21,475 gallons or 97,500 litres. If you are in the construction industry and you build hospitals, schools, fire stations, and other buildings, this could be perfect for you. These are viable alternatives to sectional tanks where there are no restrictive access problems. What are some of the advantages of this water tank? As it is in one piece, there are no joints or sealants, and the installation costs are low. They require little maintenance once they are in place and they are one of our most cost-effective water storage tank options. What if your access is limited?

Semi-Sectional Water Storage Tanks

Many buildings and sites have limited access, so you might not be able to accommodate one piece tanks. What’s the alternative? Our range of semi-sectional water tanks. We design these specifically for easy access and installation. These have a lower fluid capacity, but can still hold up to 10,000 litres of water. You can choose from standard units or pre-insulated tanks, depending on your requirements. When you purchase one of our semi-sectional water tanks, we will supply you with fixtures and fittings, including washers, bolts, nuts, and sealer. It’s important that any semi-sectional tank is installed correctly to prevent any leakages. What if you require a custom-made water storage tank?

Bespoke Water Storage Tanks

We can design and manufacture a water storage tank to your exact specifications. Our bespoke design service means that we can meet all your water storage tank requirements, even if you can’t locate a suitable product on our website.

Please contact us today for more information about any of our water tanks.