Everything you need to know about Feed & Expansion Water Tanks

So, what do I need a Feed and Expansion tank for?

Built for large-scale commercial use, you’ll be putting your business project into safe hands and will never be caught out by unforeseen plumbing problems with GRP feed & expansion (F&E) water tanks. Expertly designed to hold temperatures of up to 120 degrees, these corrosion resistant tanks can safely be used for chemical as well as water storage. Chemical substances need to be stored correctly to meet very specific health and safety requirements and environmental laws. You can thereby store your chemical substances safely with a GRP feed & expansion water tank.

How is that possible?

Made with glass reinforced plastic (GRP), F&E water tanks are very strong and robust - designed to resist the corrosion that many highly toxic and hazardous chemicals cause. Feed and expansion tanks are also constructed from a Grade B resin compound, used to create a lightweight, malleable and yet durable structure. In installing a Feed and Expansion tank, you’ll be making a long-lasting and dependable investment that you can be absolutely sure will not let you and your business down.

GRP feed & expansion water tanks are manufactured with a smooth internal bacteria-resistant surface and are expertly designed to provide exceptional chemical and heat resistance. This means that they can hold temperatures of up to 120º and are therefore an excellent and safer alternative to metal F&E tanks. Whilst GRP feed & expansion water tanks can hold higher temperatures, these tanks are typically used to support mean temperatures of up to 70ºC and low-concentration liquid compounds such as glycol may also be stored within these tanks.

Ultimately, however, the tanks are built to match the needs of the customer. For that reason, they are even available with encapsulated CFC & HCFC insulation if required. Regardless of the chemical product you are looking to store, your F&E tank will be custom designed for safe and secure storage.

These water tanks also have no need for internal supports, as they have been niftily designed so that all required metal work is enclosed within the foam in the final layer of laminate. With GRP F&E Water Tanks, all the complicated stuff is already thought about and sorted for you.

Great! So where can I get one?

To ensure you get the best quality feed and expansion tank and all the great benefits that we’ve mentioned, we recommend that you consider us right here at Precolor. An WRAS certified company with extensive experience in the field, boasting extremely reputable customers such as Windsor Castle, Manchester United and Legoland, Precolor will manufacture their water tanks to your exact needs to provide a service you’re certain to be satisfied with.

So if you’re interested in getting your own feed and expansion tank for your business, get in touch with us here at Precolor today. We’d be delighted to find the right tank for your home or business’ individual needs.