What are GRP Water Tanks?

GRP Water tanks, or Glass Reinforced Plastic water tanks, are now the leading industry standard water containment unit currently found on the market. Given their lightweight, sturdy yet workable fibreglass design, GRP tanks provide safe storage for water without the risk of corrosion or contamination from bacteria. Furthermore, given the materials the water tanks are made from, they are also resistant to external temperatures and adverse weather, meaning the tanks will not degrade over time. These materials also make the water tanks pliable, meaning they can be adapted at the manufacturing level for any specific access or locational needs.

Uses of GRP Water Tanks/ GRP Tanks

There are a wide range of applications that come with the use of GRP Tanks. Popular uses include rainwater storage, so both homeowners and companies can become more environmentally friendly and reduce waste water; dipping tanks for manufacturers to coat their goods; fire sprinkler reservoirs, to ensure a maintained supply of water in case of a fire in a commercial building. Moreover, the materials they are made of allow them to be adapted and manufactured at a specialist level to be used to store chemicals in a safe and controlled environment for the workplace.

Design Flexibility and Customisation

Given the materials they are inherently made of, GRP water tanks are fully customisable units; they can be manufactured to almost any shape and size, depending on the consumer’s requirements. The colour of the water tanks is also customisable, an important feature for companies storing a vast array of both dangerous and non-dangerous chemicals; colour customisation allows immediate identification of GRP tanks and their contents.

This level of consumer customisation means that rather than being stuck in a “one size fits all” scenario, the tanks can be specifically manufactured for a company’s needs, rather than the company having to adapt their working processes and environment for the tanks.

Temperature and Storage

Temperature also means everything when it comes to water and chemical storage. Maintaining a temperature below 20 degrees Celsius in your water tank will ensure that the risk of bacteria growth is greatly reduced. With pre-insulated GRP Tanks, the water can be kept within a maintained temperature margin, meaning this microbiological growth can be prevented at source. Insulation can be provided at a variety of thicknesses depending on the needs of the consumer, but generally it ranges from around 25 – 100mm of insulation. When it comes to water storage, peace of mind is everything – an ideal water tank is one that can be purchased, fitted and left alone without the need for worry about the integrity of the tank, nor the sanitary standard of the water being stored.


As one of the lead manufacturers of GRP Water Tanks currently, here at Precolor we have over 40 years of experience in the industry. Based in Shropshire, we’re a company that has been serving the storage industry diligently for decades, providing privately owned companies as well as publicly owned hospitals, fire stations and schools across the UK, with safe and secure water/ chemical storage solutions. More information on both the GRP Water Tanks and the services we provide can be found here.