Different sizes of Water Tanks that Precolor Tank offer

Precolor Tank Division is a market leader in the design and manufacture of water storage tanks for the water and chemical industry. We are part of a group of companies that have been serving the aforesaid industries for several years. We are a family owned affair that has built the business up over three generations, fostered on reputation and delivering excellence. And many of our solutions have been installed in prestigious locations throughout the UK.

GRP Tanks

Our one-piece water tanks are designed to BS EN 13280: 2001 accreditation; and are manufactured for the storage of potable and non-potable water. Potable water tanks store drinking water and comply with WRAS standards. Conversely, non-potable water tanks are used mainly in the storage of process water predominantly associated with commercial businesses.

The tanks are lightweight and highly impervious to both corrosion and bacteria ingress, commonly found in cold water systems.

In terms of water tank sizes these range between 10 gallons or 45 litre tanks (534 mm len x 381 mm wdt x 305 mm ht) all the way up to 21,452 gallons or 97,500 litre tanks (13,200 mm len x 3,200 mm wdt x 2,550 mm ht). Moreover, whilst these are supplied in the standard grey colour we can also offer specific RAL colours to the customer’s exacting requirements.

A particularly advantages aspect to GRP tanks is that they offer virtually no maintenance.

Semi Sectional Tanks

Where space is restricted we are able to offer a two-piece water tank solution or semi sectional water tank. Moreover, our solutions can readily be passed through a doorway if access is particularly inhibited, and assembled on site with relative ease by your own Engineers to keep costs down.

Whilst our tanks are mainly suited to water storage applications, by introducing a specific resin during manufacture we can readily cater for the storage more akin to mild chemicals.

Typically, water tank sizes are up 2,500 mm len x 2,000 mm wdt x 1,500 mm ht.

GRP Feed and Expansion Water Tanks

For more aggressive applications we can offer tanks which combine resistivity to corrosive attack synonymous with chemicals, whilst also offering flexibility and resistance to heat.

Starting in size from 10 gallons or 45 litre tanks we are adept at providing any of the above-mentioned sizes as indicated in the GRP tanks; but with the added advantage of being highly corrosive resistant and able to withstand temperatures up to 120 degrees.

Large Excell One Piece Tanks

In applications where the tank can be installed prior to the building being complete or where access is not restricted, then we can design and manufacture large one piece tanks. Our large rigid one piece water tanks hold up to 21,475 gallons or 97,500 litres and are predominantly used when constructing schools, hospitals and large buildings.

Manufactured to WRAS approved standard the large tanks are often regarded as being more favourable than the sectional offering due to minimal installation costs, no sealant or joints and low lifecycle costs.

Tank Sizing

If you are unsure as to what size tank you require, at Precolor we have designed a tank calculation tool to facilitate you in this process. Whether the end application is potable or non-potable water, our tank calculator (found under ‘products’ on our website www.precolortankdivision.co.uk); will populate the water tank options depending upon your exacting requirements, thereby safeguarding against error.


We are Precolor are committed to our improving our quality and performance, and have and will continue to invest heavily in research and development to stay ahead of the competition.