Make Saving Water Your New Yearís Resolution

As the year comes to an end, it is common to become reflective and question how we can challenge ourselves to do better in the future. Whether that’s a small act of kindness, or a large gesture for the good of the globe, our GRP Water Tanks at Precolor could be the perfect way to make positive change in the world.

We all know by now that water is a precious resource, due to the fact that it is not limitless. Global warming might be producing more water for the planet, but not the kind of water we actually need. The more that we can reduce the reliance on water systems that are built into our cities and towns, the better.

Your Purpose

Whether you want to collect water for watering your garden, or you want to become fully self-sufficient in your water usage, one of our GRP One Piece Water Tanks could be the answer to your concerns, enabling you to make a New Year’s Resolution that not only matters to you, but the whole planet. Not only that, but once installed, it’s a pretty easy resolution to stick by.

The Basics

Our water tanks are lightweight, simple to use, and available in a RAL colour of your choosing. They are designed to meet the requirements of BS EN 13280 : 2001, and fully tested and approved for current water regulations They can be easily cut with standard plumbing tools. Alternatively, they can also be manufactured as specialist tanks, suitable for storing chemicals. They are in wide use throughout the UK, with many councils, engineers and architects specifically requesting our brand. Our water tanks are supplied as standard, as well as with special shapes and sizes, such as L-shaped, or tapered designs. For more specific requirements, we also offer a customisation service.


Alike what you may expect from cold water systems, our water tanks are made to be resistant to corrosion and attack from bacteria. When pre-insulated, the water tanks are protected from the extremes of heat and cold by reducing extreme temperature changed, and thereby decreasing the risk of bacteria growth. Keeping the temperature below 20 °C ensures that microbiological growth is restricted. Standard usage is provided for both the lid and tank sides in expanded CFC free polyurethane foam, in sizes 25mm, 50mm, 75mm or 100mm. We have our basic positions pre-formed cut-outs for tank connections and fittings for both standard and special designs, and we can also position the cut-outs as desired by our customers depending on your exact specification of water tank.

Contact Us

If you would like more detailed information on how we can address your desires to save water, please get in touch by filling out our contact form online, or by emailing us at If you would prefer, you can also call us directly on 1630 657281. One of our team will gladly assist you with any of your questions regarding our water tanks.