Everything You Need to Know About Keraflo Valves


Here at Precolor, we stock several excellent fittings to boost the performance of your water tank. One type of tank fitting we supply is Keraflo valves, especially its Aylesbury range. This series of delayed action float valves are specifically designed to control the stored water level in cold water tanks accurately and efficiently.

The Aylesbury range caters for tanks both with and without raised float valve chambers and is capable of operating for long periods of time, without the need to be maintained. While the valves in the range are broadly similar, they do have some distinct differences. Here’s everything you need to know about the three types of Keraflo valves we have in stock.

K Type

The Aylesbury range’s ‘K’ type valve is a weighted key-shaped float suitable for tanks without raised valve chambers. It can be set in a number of positions on the float arm, setting the valve at a predetermined difference in water level. This helps to avoid dribble, reduce noise and allows the water to flow fully until the closed level is reached.       

While typically available in brass, one of the excellent qualities of the ‘K’ type valve is that it can also be found in stainless steel form, resisting corrosion and making it perfect for use in environments such as desalination plants or for handling sea water.

KAX Type

The Aylesbury ‘KAX’ type float valve operates entirely identically to the ‘K’ type valve, except that it boasts a longer float arm. Due to its extended drop, the ‘KAX’ type is suitable for use in water tanks, which have raised valve chambers.

‘KAX’ type float valves are primarily designed to fit into chambers or boxes in the covers of tanks that have a particular need for air gaps or where maximum tank capacity is required. With its valve discharged raised above its centre line, ‘KAX’ type float valves are especially suitable for Type AA & AB air gaps.

KB Type

The Aylesbury 'KB' type float valve is marked by its versatility, making it suitable for installation, either direct into a tank without a raised valve chamber or into a raised valve chamber. Instead of a rigid float arm, the ‘KB’ type features a chain, enabling it to be infinitely variable in its opening and closing water settings without the use of tools, and allowing for a considerable drop from the valve to the water level.

This adaptability makes the ‘KB’ float valve particularly useful where the demand for water is liable to change, for example due to seasonal factors or changing occupancy of a building, as it helps to reduce the risks associated with excess water storage.

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