Four Reasons for Installing Our GRP Water Tanks

At Precolor Tank Division, we have been working within the water industry for over forty years. Our experience means we are able to design and manufacture some of the highest quality water storage tanks. We have been suppliers for hospitals, fire stations, and schools, and are often specified by many local authorities, architects and consulting engineers. Not only do our products meet the requirements of BS EN 13280 : 2001, but we were part of the working group who drew up these standards.

You may be thinking of installing one of our water tanks in your home for gardening. Here are some reasons why you should opt for one of our GRP One Piece Water Tanks.

The Many Uses for Water Tanks

The most obvious reason for using our water tanks is that collecting water will make use of rainwater that would otherwise be wasted through watering plants and gardens. Our water tanks are easy to install to your home or building site, and will make it more environmentally-friendly. Water tanks can also be used to make fresh water available during winter, where you may use it to flush toilets, to provide a laundry source, or even to wash your car. Depending on your particular concerns and desires, it may even cut down costs when buying water from a service provider, allowing you to become self-sufficient. Water is a valuable, limited resource, so there are wide-reaching benefits not just for you, but for the whole world. Rainwater has a reduced level of salts and other substances, which also may be important to you. The average home can harvest around 1000,000 litres of water each year. Just think of all that going to waste!

Made with GRP

Our water tanks are made from GRP: Glass-reinforced Plastic, commonly known as fibreglass, a fibre-reinforced polymer made of a plastic matrix then reinforced by fine fibres of glass. This material is used for water tanks because it is strong in tension and compression, but there are many other benefits for using our GRP water tanks. GRP helps prevent mastic erosion, which can be dangerous for humans to come into contact with and is caused by joints and steel bolts corroding and harbouring bacterial growth. Not only that, but GRP helps prevent fungi and mould in general than when using alternate models. Regular checks are still recommended for your GRP tank, especially in Britain where the generally cold and wet conditions make the ideal breeding ground for black spore fungi, as most people would be well familiar with. If spotted, it needs tackling with straight away, which can be as simple as giving it a wipe with a cloth.


Leading on from the use of GRP, the fact that we pre-insulate our water tanks means that its contents are protected from both the extreme cold, and extreme heat. They actually reduce excessive temperature changes, meaning there is less of a risk of bacteria growth. Insulation is available in either 25mm, 50mm, 75mm or 100mm expanded CFC free polyurethane foam encapsulated in both the lid and tank sides. We are able to provide a bespoke service, and can position this insulation in agreement with our customers.


Precolor''s standard water tanks can be supplied in metric and imperial sizes from 10 - 11,250 gallons or 45 - 90,000 litres. Again, with our personalised service, we are able to make special sizes and shapes including irregular shapes such as ''L'' shaped or tapered tanks and cisterns in fitting with your requirements. Our tanks are available in our standard grey colour, or a specific RAL colour, with popular colours being blue, and green.


For more information, please see our imperial and metric ranges. Alternatively, to discuss your requirements for a GRP tank, please contact our sales team for more information by filling out a contact form, emailing or calling us on 01630 657281.