Why You Should Use GRP Water Tanks For Your Water Storage


Why You Should Use GRP Water Tanks For Your Water Storage

When it comes to water storage, these days most people opt for the use of GRP for their water tanks. But why is this the case? GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic, and is also widely known as fibreglass. It is more commonly used these days simply because it has many benefits over other more typical materials that have been used traditionally in the manufacture of water storage tanks. Today we’re going to outline four key reasons why GRP is the best material to select for your modern cold-water storage tank, and therefore why you should purchase our GRP One Piece Water Tank.

Say Goodbye to Corrosion

Whilst steel has been the main material when it comes to manufacturing water storage tanks, this material is susceptible to corrosion. To prevent this, it needs galvanising. Alternatively, the use of GRP means that it is already resistant to corrosion. Furthermore, it can withstand exposure to other liquids and materials including different chemicals, wastewater and sewage.

Long Lasting

When you opt for a GRP water storage tank, you will be able to enjoy the use of it for a whole 25 years. This length of time is much longer than other materials. Moreover, throughout its lifespan, it is not necessary to treat it, so you don’t need to spend time coating or repainting it.

Redefining Strength

Forget about being as strong as steel, with GRP water tanks you get so many benefits without having to compromise on the strength. In tests of strength, GRP has actually been shown to outperform traditional materials, including aluminium. It is the ideal material for longevity, which helps to explain why it is able to last so much longer than other options.

Light as a Feather

Despite being strong and robust, GRP is also extremely light. Whilst it would be an exaggeration to say that your water tank itself will be as light as a feather, there are many benefits to having a lightweight water tank. For example, if you need to install your water tank on a roof, it won’t need as much reinforcement, and it may not be necessary to have such heavy lifting equipment to get it in place. In turn, this means that any installation costs will be lower, capable of being installed in a larger variety of properties without needing crane access.


There is no surprise as to why the majority of modern water tanks are being made from GRP. It is corrosion resistant, long lasting, lightweight and strong. It outperforms other more traditional materials, so it is the clear, practical choice to make when purchasing and installing water tanks onto your property.

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