Three unique types of GRP storage tanks

Contrary to their name, water storage tanks are not limited to just holding fresh water. Of course, water tanks are useful for a variety of purposes linked to water, such as protecting a portable water supply and rainwater harvesting in the garden. However, such tanks can serve wider specialist functions which aren’t strictly connected to fresh water. Here are a few other forms of GRP storage tank:

Feed and expansion (F&E)

Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) F&E tanks are used to supply central heating circuits with water and accommodate the expansion of the water when it is heated by the boiler. It is often placed in the loft of a house and is informally known as the header tank.

Due to the temperatures they need to be able to hold, F&E tanks are often manufactured to be heat resistant. F&E tanks are suitable for temperatures up to 120°C making them a resilient alternative to metal tanks. The resin used in the manufacturing process also gives F&E tanks excellent chemical resistance, making them corrosion resistant and an ideal choice for storing chemicals such as glycol in lower concentrations. Coupled with their availability in a variety of different sizes, all this makes the F&E tank a versatile type of tank.

Chemical storage tanks

Made from different resins to standard water tanks, chemical storage tanks are specifically designed to be the first line of control in holding dangerous chemicals, sludge and slurry - suitable for carrying many types of chemicals at varying concentrations. Their high tolerance also means that they can be suitable for storing water up to a constant boiling point.

When picking a chemical storage tank it’s often important to make several considerations, such as how expensive the tank is and how the relevant chemical will affect the surrounding environment. As they are often modified to fit specific requirements, chemical storage tanks can offer a practical solution.

Plant housing

In addition to water and chemical storage, storage tanks can be used as an excellent method of plant housing in remote locations where a pump room is needed alongside pump housing. It is possible to have a water tank and pump housing combined in one housing tank, with a small plant room section placed on the end of the tank.

Again, these tanks can be tailor-made with air gaps, backing boards, lockable doors and insulation foam when necessary, making them an excellent option for storing your plants safely and securely. What’s more, this form of plant housing can come in one complete lightweight unit which makes it easy to transport and lift once you are done.

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