Why We Use Glass Reinforced Plastic to Make Water Tanks

GRP water tanks are used for all kinds of both domestic and commercial uses, including chemical storage in laboratories, for agricultural storage by farmers and also in the food and drinks industries. As an effective storage solution, GRP tanks are great at keeping their contents protected from being spoiled by changing temperatures and harmful chemicals. The dependability of these water tanks is primarily due to the material that they are made from. Glass reinforced plastic, also known as GRP and fibreglass, is a fibre reinforced polymer that is known for its strength and low production cost, making it a very dependable, long term storage solution.

Here we shall outline just some of the highly beneficial properties of GRP and why it makes a great material for making storage containers.

Corrosion resistant

Glass reinforced plastic is highly resistant to corrosion, making it an ideal material for holding substances such as chemicals. Because of its corrosion resistant properties, bacteria are far less likely to build up inside of your GRP water tank, meaning that the contents will be kept in optimum condition. It is also able to withstand harsh conditions, so your water tank be kept outdoors without the tank or its contents getting damaged by the sun.  

Low maintenance

Because it does no rust or rot, glass reinforced plastic is a very low maintenance material, making it ideal for creating water tanks from. It also does not require any paint or finish, so is very useful for those who cannot prioritise the upkeep of tanks made from materials that might require more maintenance such as wood or metal.

Strong and robust

Despite being so lightweight, GRP is a very strong and durable material, equally so as most metal materials such as steel. As well as being corrosion resistant, glass reinforced plastic also has a high resistance to extreme temperatures, ultra violet light and chemicals, making it a very dependable and long-lasting material that’s guaranteed to last!


GRP can be easily moulded and shaped, making it a very sought-after material for a range of different applications. This means that any bespoke requirements that you might have for your GRP water tank can easily be met, as virtually any shape or size can be achieved using glass reinforced plastic.

Low production cost

Because GRP is easy to produce, fabricate and shape, the production cost of creating GRP water tanks is very affordable. As well as this, GRP is a very lightweight material, meaning that there are little to no additional costs required for transporting these water tanks, as they require no heavy lifting equipment to be transported from the production site to the customer.

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At Precolor, we supply our customers with high quality GRP one piece water tanks to suit all of their needs. Our water tanks are also available pre-insulated to protect its contents from extremes of temperature, and we are also able to manufacture specialist water tanks for holding chemicals if you require. All of our water tanks are fully tested and approved for the current water regulations so are entirely reliable and ready to use upon delivery!

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