The Benefits of GRP Feed & Expansion Water Tanks

At Precolor Tank Division, we specialise in providing our customers with a range of storage tanks for liquids. Today we are going to turn our attention to GPR feed and expansion water tanks, outlining what they are and the benefits you can gain from using one.

What is a GRP Feed & Expansion Water Tank?

A feed and expansion tank is also known as a cistern, and is used to supply a central heating circuit with water and can accommodate the expansion of the water when heated by a boiler. You will normally find this located in the loft of a building, or near a cold-water storage tank. Here at Precolor Tank Division, we offer a range of sizes, from 10 gallons (45 litres) and up, and we can also create a bespoke feed and expansion water tank if none of the standard sizes suit you. Read on to find out more about the benefits.

Cold Water Storage Tanks

The Benefits of GRP

We supply our feed and expansion water tanks in GRP, which refers to Glass Reinforced Plastic, but is also known as fibreglass. One of the key benefits of this material is that it is lightweight, yet very strong and robust. It is also highly malleable during the production process, which is why it is so easy to create bespoke products based on your specification. Despite its light weight, GRP water storage tanks have a superior strength-to-weight load-bearing performance when compared with alternatives. Due to the high glass-to-resin ratios used in the formulation of the material, a GRP feed and expansion tank can outperform traditional materials such as steel. With GRP tanks, you get the best balance between these features.

Corrosion Resistance

As well as being lightweight, strong, and heat resistant, they have the added benefit of being chemical and corrosion resistant. When compared to sturdy steel and lightweight aluminium water tanks, GRP tanks are less susceptible to corrosion. As insulated tanks, this means there is also no reason to paint or galvanize these types of tanks, so they are able to full protect both the content of the tank and the outside environment.  The properties offer corrosion resistance to chemicals, wastewater and sewage. If you’re looking for a chemical storage solution, these properties would be an ideal choice for this purpose.

Chemical Storage Tanks

Copes Well in Extreme Conditions

Finally, leading on from this, the properties of these tanks means they are able to withstand temperatures up to 120°c. They are also encapsulated with CFC & HCFC insulation, so make great hot water tanks, and as their surface is smooth and resistant to bacteria, they are sure to stand the test of time.

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