Everything You Need to Know About Sectional Water Tanks

Sometimes circumstances can make choosing the right water tank for your application difficult. It may be that access to an area is restricted, or replacing a defective water tank involves altering the building’s structure. In such cases sectional water tanks are often an excellent solution, being used in hotels, schools and hospitals across the world.

While sectional water tanks are often more expensive than one piece water tanks or semi-sectional tanks, solutions which we would always recommend considering first, they can definitely be worth it. There are three main types of sectional water tanks offered by companies, depending on the conditions of your site and access restrictions. These are:

  • Externally Flanged Base (E.F.B)
  • Internally Flanged Base (I.F.B)
  • Totally Internally Flanged (T.I.F)

But what defines these three handy water tanks? Here is a little more information about how each of these three sectional water tanks works and when it is best to choose each one.

Externally Flanged Base

E.F.B. sectional water tanks are designed to be installed on raised supports such as dwarf walls or steel beams, allowing access to joints and connections underneath the tank such as flanges and fasteners. This type of water tank is typically used to allow positive pressure head to an adjacent pump or related equipment. The benefits of E.F.B water tanks is that they can be fully drained without requiring any pumps; as their connections can be accessed from the outside of the tank they are also easier to maintain. However, these tanks often require you to have no space restrictions due to their size.

Internally Flanged Base

Internally flanged base water tanks are designed for positioning on a fully flat supporting base/foundation or levelled steel beams, with all flanges and fasteners located within the inside of the tank. As the fixtures are only available from the inside, these sectional water tanks cannot be fully drained unless you use a pump. However, because you don’t need to access base panels to use them, I.F.B. tanks allow extra headroom, making them ideally suited for areas where height or headroom is restricted.

Totally Internally Flanged

True to their name, totally internally flanged water tanks are designed with all flanges on the inside of the tank. This allows them to be constructed at maximum capacity, offering a size advantage over the other two types of sectional water tanks, and aids installation in areas where assembly space around the tank is extremely restricted. These versatile sectional water tanks can be manufactured and designed according to your exact site requirements, making them the ideal solution when a bespoke solution is needed.

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