Different types of GRP Water Tank Covers

GRP water tank covers are vital structures in the chemical processing and water treatment industries. Here are Precolor, we have extensive experience designing, manufacturing and installing these types of covers for a wide range of clients. Read on to find out more about tank coverings and how we can help you with a readymade or bespoke solution.

Water Tank Covers from Precolor
Our GRP tank covers are made from Glass Reinforced Plastics (GRP), also known as Fibreglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP), a composite material. Plastic and glass fibres combine to create a strong and lightweight material, which is why GRP is now the modern standard for tanks and vessels. In particular, the lightweight properties of GRP allow us to manufacture a range of water tank covers for small to large clients, and ultimately help them protect their tank contents from contamination.

Our Range of GRP Water Tank Covers
We design, manufacture and install a range of water tank coverings of all shapes and sizes up to 30m in diameter. These include circular covers, rectangular covers and anything in between, and self-supported or centrally supported depending on the material or shape. Self-supporting structures are ideal for 20m circular steel or concrete tanks. These are transported and fixed in place in segments and attached to a central ring. Centrally-supported covers are either supported by a steel bridge or a central column and are ideal for covering tanks up to 30m in diameter.

Ensuring Safety and Accessibility
When we create GRP covers for our clients, we know that safety and accessibility are important aspects to maintain, which is why we offer a range of additional features to complement new GRP covers. In terms of accessibility, being able to inspect the contents of a tank is vital, so our flexible design and manufacturing processes can accommodate various inspection hatches where appropriate. We also have extensive experience fitting hand rails, walkways and ladders, no matter the size of the job.

An Extensive Portfolio of Successful Projects
Our previous success stories are wide-ranging when it comes to providing GRP tank covers for clients. One of our largest projects was to design and install 20m diameter covers for three wholesome water tanks at the Eden Project in Cornwall. These were centrally supported covers for tanks made of clay that needed to be protected against mains contamination.

Water Tank Covers to Suit Your Needs
We do everything from design to manufacture and installation, ensuring that you benefit from a seamless service from start to finish, no matter how large or small the project is. This includes commercial and non-commercial projects, from a cost-effective water tank in the garden to a large-scale treatment plant. Our experience shows that no project is too difficult to overcome.

GRP water tank covers offer long-lasting and durable use for a variety of applications. These covers are made from a robust material that is lightweight and can withstand greater forces than steel. They come in all shapes and sizes to suit your needs, with additional extras for safety and access, allowing you to source the perfect solution for your tanks. Rely on our expert services for the manufacture, design and installation of your new, reliable tank covering.