The Benefits of Using GRP Tank Housings for Water Tanks

Water tanks have an obvious purpose, which is to store water! However, these can susceptible to damage if they are exposed to the general public. Water tanks cannot be stored too far away from where the water will be used,  as there will be so many long winding pipes around it’d be driving people insane!  This means that they can be placed in some populated places that always gives them the risk of damage and vandalism.

This is where GRP Tank Housings come into play, they allow these tanks to be protected whilst insulating them at the same time, such is the convenience of the GRP Tank Housing. The primary use of this product is to protect water tanks from the outside elements, however they are also capable of housing many other products too such as pipework, meters and pumps.

If there is a popular public area that any of devices need to be installed, then these can run the aforementioned risk of vandalism or damage from the weather. This means that the water tank would not function correctly, therefore costing large sums of money (tanks aren’t cheap!) to repair or possibly replace.

This means that the GRP Tank Housings can take large amounts of damage or vandalism as they are sturdy and stable structures, made of solid metal that takes a lot to break through! Having said that, the Tank Housings are fitted with doors, so if the water tank inside needs to be filled or checked, this can easily be achieved. Although I don’t know why anyone would want to vandalise a GRP Housing, but it does happen!

As well as this, these products are one of the most flexible and versatile around, and can be installed on any level surface which means that almost any water tank can be protected from the elements! Whether this be on a car park, school field or even a roof, a Tank Housing can be installed in order to keep your water tank safe and secure.

The products also come with the finer details such as an option of either single or double doors, just for your convenience. As well as this, there are louvered vents available to ensure that if any hot water is stored, then the air produced can escape ensuring that the structure doesn’t become too hot.

There are also many external colours that these can come in, so if your heart is set on making the colour of the water tank housing fit the theme of your area, or if green just isn’t your think, this option can be easily changed.

These enclosures can be supplied in 1 or multiple pieces in order to make installation less time consuming for you, as it is understood that this is one of the lesser priorities, but is still important none the less!

Hopefully this has shown how useful a GRP Tank Housing can be for keeping your water tanks secure, as it is always better to be safe than sorry!