An Overview of Water Tanks

Water Tanks

It is thought that a quarter of the world’s population still don’t have access to clean water.  Even for those of us in developed lands, it is still our responsibility to use this resource wisely, as demand for water continues to grow due to modern lifestyles and rising populations.  Precolor Tank Division manufacture storage water tanks for all applications to enable households and businesses alike to collect, store and use water in a safe and efficient manner.  Let’s take a look at some of the tanks available from the specialists at Precolor Tank Division.

One Piece Water Tanks & Sectional Water Tanks

Simplest is often best, and in the case of cold water tanks that translates as simple one piece water tanks being a cost effective alternative to sectional water tanks.  No exposed joints or steelwork mean a reduction in maintenance and associated costs.  When a new building is under construction, it is usually possible to situate the cold water tank before the structure is completed, which gives you more options when it comes to location.  On the other hand, sectional water tanks can be retro-fitted to existing buildings, or used in situations where access is limited by other factors.  A compromise between these two approaches is the semi-sectional tank (also known as two piece water tanks), which is similar to a sectional water tank but are designed to be easily handled and fit through doorways.

Would You be Better with a Metal Water Tank or GRP Water Tank?

As with so many other industrial items, large water tanks are traditionally made from steel, however, with Precolor’s one piece tank range now offering capacities up to 97,500L capacity  GRP water tanks are a viable alternative.  Comparatively lightweight, GRP one piece water tanks and sectional water tanks may be suitable for inserting into roof and plant spaces of old buildings when metal one piece water tanks would be too large and heavy.  GRP is strong and corrosion resistant, making it especially suitable for potable water tanks.  However, a GRP water tank must be supported across the full width of its base, so there are times when a metal water tank is preferable.

Pre-Insulated Water Tanks

External water tanks can be effected by environmental factors, particularly extremes in weather.  To stop cold water tanks freezing up and damaging water tank pumps and other fittings, Precolor supply pre-insulated water tanks, which have ‘CFC’ & ‘HCFC’ free insulation foam encapsulated into the tank wall & lid to cope with seasonal changes and ensure your water supply is not interrupted when the temperature drops outdoors.  A GRP housing can also be manufactured with encapsulated ‘CFC’ & ‘HCFC’ free insulation foam to enclose not only your water tank itself, but also the water tank fittings and fixtures to prevent vandalism and keep everything moving.

Water Tank Fittings and Accessories

Precolor Tank Division can provide bespoke water tanks for any and all applications, including industrial, commercial, agricultural, domestic and other properties.  We also supply all kinds of water tank fittings such as pipes, valves and gauges; water tank covers, usually made from durable GRP; and water tank pumps and filters.