All About Our Tank Fittings

Here at Precolor, we have a range of different fittings available for your water tanks. Today, we’re going to go through some of these different water tank fittings and outline just what they do.

AD52 Control Switches

Our control switches offer the ability to control and monitor the level of fluid in both open and pressurised tanks below 10 bars, with a liquid weight of between 0.9-1.1kg/dm3. The magnetic level controls are used in installations with autoclaves in order to control the filling pump, or to automatically restore the pressure vessel. They can switch between a high of 55mm and a low of 20mm.

Stub Flanges

A flange is an external or internal component that attaches to another object, in this case the water tank. It refers to the plate or ring at the end of the pipe, which helps secure connections. Stub flanges at Precolor are a laminated PVC pipe, with a galvanised backing ring, with sizes from as small as 1 inch to 12 inches (or 1 foot).  The code PN16 refers to the pressure class in terms of the bars of pressure.

Aylesbury “Keraflo” Valves

Aylesbury Valves are supplied from Keraflo, and at Precolor, we stock these valves as K type, KAX type, and KB type. The K type is a key-shaped float, that can be set in a range of different position on the brass float arm, which activates the valve, driving it either fully open or fully closed. The KAX type works in the same way, with an extended drop, and are principally designed to fit into the chambers in the covers of tanks requiring air gaps, or where the maximum tank capacity is needed. KB types operated by a transfer of weight in an actuator tube, in turn opening or closing the valve, producing a delayed change of balance as the water level alters.

Equilibrium Ball Valves

Made in brass, with a copper float, these equilibrium ball valves are available with drop arms which can be adjusted in order for the valve to be fitted in a raised ball valve housing. This is used in combination with screen spill-over weirs, offering CAT 5, type AB airgaps if needed. There are a range of sizes available between half an inch to four inches. These ball valves are also supplied with the threaded tank connector, float and drop arm.

Brass Essex Connector

The brass Essex connector is a type of flange, which provides a BSP parallel female thread outlet from a hot water cylinder or tank, without brazing. These are available in a selection of sizes between half an inch and 3 inches.

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