Four Simple Ways GRP Water Tanks are perfect for the 21st Century Business

What is a GRP Water Tank?

A Glass Reinforced Plastic Water Tank, or GRP Water Tank, is a water storage unit made from glass reinforced plastic, the material also known as fibreglass. Glass Reinforced Plastic is produced through layering and combining glass fibres; the individual fibres are woven together to produce a flexible material that is placed into a mould, where polyester resin is added to the material, strengthening the fibreglass fabric to its final, rigid state. This process produces extremely strong and durable, yet light GRP Water Tanks, which can endure harsh environments such as extreme cold, heat and rain without degrading or falling into disrepair. It is this durability and resistance to the elements that make GRP Tanks a modern replacement to older steel or aluminium water tanks which were once the industry standard.

Resistance to the elements

One of the most popular reasons behind companies upgrading to GRP Tanks are their durability and resistance to adverse temperatures and weather. Over time, many metals, including steel and aluminium, can corrode due to persistent attacks from the cold, the heat, rain or snow, all common instances of adverse weather we experience in the UK. GRP Tanks provide a means to store water, or other substances depending on the tank purchased, with minimal maintenance. GRP Water Tanks do not require regular coatings of protective paints or material repairs due to its resistance to corrosion.

Structural Durability

GRP Water Tanks provide structural integrity across their entire body, due to the GRP Tanks being manufactured as one-piece products. This means there aren’t any welds, seals or rivets that can degrade or weaken over time. Moreover, GRP Water Tanks offer excellent load-bearing qualities without weighing as much as metallic alternatives, meaning you can store the GRP Water Tanks without having to spend as much on extra structural supports to bear the load of the tank and its contents. What’s more, due to GRP Water Tanks having inherent UV resistance, the structural integrity is not lost over time from sun exposure.

Design Innovation

Given that GRP Water Tanks are moulded products, they can be manufactured here at Precolor in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours, depending on the needs of your business. We supply GRP Water Tanks in special shapes, such as L Shaped tanks, or in a specific colour for specific contents to make tank identification easier for your employees. GRP Water Tanks can also be modified for different connections or fittings in no time at all, as cut outs can be done with common plumbing tools to the sides or bottom without jeopardising the structural integrity of the tank.


GRP Tanks can be produced to store water, or other chemicals at varying concentrations, depending on your business needs. The tanks can be specially manufactured with specific, stronger resins than are normally used on standard tanks in order to accommodate for this. Simply contacting us to discuss your chemical tank requirements can adapt these tanks to your business needs. GRP Water Tanks can also be purchased pre-insulated, protecting the contents from extremes in temperature, which can be perfect in preventing bacteria growth or maintaining the contents and at constant temperature.

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