10 Reasons To Buy A Water Tank From Precolor Tank

Water storage tanks serve numerous purposes within both industrial and commercial environments. Whether referring to keeping a cache of potable water close by or tanks manufactured for industrial purposes, the concept of "second best" simply does not apply. This has been taken into account by the professionals at Precolor Tank Division. What are the top ten reasons why a growing number of astute clients are choosing our services? Let us take an in-depth look at the answers to this important question.
Precolor Tank Division has been supplying quality products to customers for no less than 40 years. This history has enabled us to establish unparalleled levels of trust with our customer base. When only the best water tank will do, we are only a phone call away.
Precolor Tank is recognised by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) as well as certified through the ISO 9001 management system. Quality and precision are both guaranteed.
A Wide Array of Projects
Not only are we able to supply turnkey solutions for those who require water tanks, but we boast a long list of reputable customers. Some of these include:
•    Windsor Castle
•    Manchester United
•    Aston Villa
•    Legoland
•    Chequers
Thus, you will never have to worry about reliable installations and servicing options.
On the Cutting Edge
Precolor believes that what may have worked yesterday could very well be outdated tomorrow. Our engineers are therefore involved with ongoing research and development. Customers can rest assured that they are receiving only the most advanced solutions on the market.
Proactive Versus Reactive
Continuous quality improvement is another hallmark of our services. Our team of trained researches is constantly evaluating our products and improving them as may be required. Innovation is literally just around the corner.
Flexible Water Tank Solutions
One size fits all is a phrase that should never be associated with water tanks. We build our solutions around the needs of the client in question. Some of the variants that are offered include (but are not limited to):
•    Semi-sectional tanks.
•    Plant tanks.
•    F & E tanks.
•    Excel one-piece tanks.
•    GRP tanks.

We are easily able to accommodate even the most demanding of needs.
More Than Tanks Alone
Precolor also provides tank accessories and fittings. These are meant to extend the longevity of any system while they can simultaneously offer targeted solutions for both commercial and industrial requirements.
Case Studies Galore
We are aware that public opinion has directly influenced our success. So, Precolor is proud to offer a number of unique case studies which can be examined before the customer commits to a specific product. We believe that transparency is the key to developing trust and a sense of rapport with our client base.
Quick Installation
Many of the water tanks manufactured by Precolor are easy to install by on-site engineers. This is an excellent logistical advantage that will save both time and money.
Superior Levels of Customer Service
Client engagement has been a central tenet of our operations during the past 40 years. We can be contacted by telephone or by email. A professional customer service representative will then be happy to address any additional questions or concerns.
These are the top ten reasons why Precolor Tank Division has enjoyed a leading role within the water tank industry for more than four decades. This same attention to detail will continue well into the foreseeable future.